Land for Cloverdale Rancheria tribe makes casino possible

The next Cloverdale Community League Casino Is not yet scheduled. The casino is an important source of revenue that helps run programs in the community, operate the Cloverdale Community League hall and support ongoing maintenance and improvements. Related: Delta receives application for new casino. The proposed development will use nine acres of the 10.8 acre site for the building and parking lots. The remaining 1.8 acres will be kept as green space. The total building will be 200,000 sq. feet, cost $70 million in capital investments and provide 500 person-years of construction jobs, plus up to 700 new jobs in the hospitality industry Cloverdale Rancheria Fee-to-Trust and Resort Casino Project ES-2 ESA / 207737 Draft EIS August 2010 Alternative A –Proposed Action Alternative A consists of the fee-to-trust transfer of the project site, federal review of the development and management contract, and development of a casino, hotel, convention center, entertainment center and other ancillary facilities. A tribal government The Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians plans to build a casino at this site along Asti Road in Cloverdale, California. Image from Google Maps The Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians waited so long for a decision on its land-into-trust application that a nearby tribe opened a casino and is almost finished with an expansion project. Previous plans by the Cloverdale Rancheria to build a casino in Santa Rosa or Petaluma fell apart. But now that the tribe has its own land, it has a place to build, if it can find a development Artist's rendering of the proposed Cloverdale Rancheria casino in Sonoma County, California. Image from Cloverdale Rancheria Fee-to-Trust and Resort Casino Project The Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians can finally move forward with a long-awaited casino now that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has approved the California tribe's land-into-trust application. CLOVERDALE, California - The Hopland Band of Pomos plans to build a second, 100,000-square-foot casino in Cloverdale to which it will move its casino-style gambling from the Sho-Ka-Wah casino on the reservation in Hopland. The Sho-Ka-Wah casino will then concentrate on bingo as its primary gaming. The tribe is working with the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, which is acting as developer for the The Cloverdale casino would be adjacent to the tribe's historic rancheria. Tribal members say their ancestry in the area goes back thousands of years before white settlers arrived. But in modern Plans for a large casino, hotel and entertainment center in Cloverdale are once again moving forward, despite doubts as to whether it can compete with the recently opened Graton Resort & Casino Cloverdale Rancheria Gaming Facility Document Type OTH - Other Document Received 11/17/2008. Document Description The Proposed Action consists of the placement of 6 parcels of land totaling 79 +/- acres into federal trust for the Tribe and the subsequent development of a casino, hotel, convention center, entertainment center, tribal government building, and other ancillary facilities. The

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